Pretty Lavender Bags

We’ve been feeling really inspired by Spring and the changing seasons. From long, dark, chilly days to the sweet scent of summer approaching – think lavender, peonies and rosebuds in soft, pastel hues.

We’re really excited about the our very first box – with themed goodies to add to your stash we’ve also included all the essentials to make your own lavender bag and bring this delicious scent into your home.

Follow the tutorial below and enjoy your boxes!!


Step 1: Lay your first fabric square right side up. Fold the strip of lace in half and place in the top left corner – make sure some of the lace is poking past the end of the fabric.

Step 2: Lay the second fabric square on top of the first right side down.

Step 3: Pin and get ready to stitch.

Step 4: Stitch around the fabric by hand or machine leavin a 5mm seam allowance. Make sure you leave a small 2-3cm gap on one side as this will be used to fill with the lavender.

Lavender Bag Tutorial

Step 5: Fill the bag with dried lavender.

Step 6: Hand stitch the opening closed.

…and you’re done! I like to hang mine on drawer knobs or to keep my clothes fresh in the wardrobe. Lavender also deters pests like moths.

Happy crafting! 🙂

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