Pom Pom Shorts

With Glastonbury happening next week I’ve been organising my stuff and getting my outfits together! I bought these shorts to wear last year but wanted to jazz them up a bit. With Pom Poms having a bit of a moment I thought a quick and easy project would be to add some trim!

Pom Pom trim is so versatile – it would look effective round the neck or armholes of a vest top or you could simply tie a strand around your head as a quick headband! It’s also great for wrapping presents up – simply use brown craft paper and some neon Pom Pom trim to add a pop of colour.

IMG_6610You will need:

  • Approx 50 inches pom pom trim (measure it round the leg openings on your shorts and just added a little bit in case!)
  • A pair of cotton shorts
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine


Step 1: Turn your shorts inside out and pin the pom pom trim to the wrong side. You just want the pom pom bits to come through at the bottom.


Step 2: My sewing machine has a removable bit so I was able to put the leg of the short around the machine and then stitch the trim on – much easier! Simply stitch around the opening then backstitch when you get the full way round – repeat on the other leg.

See – so easy and effective. I promise, once you stitch one thing you will get the Pom Pom bug and be wanting to add it onto everything!!


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