Festival Headband

I love all the different looks people wear to festivals – Coachella is a fashion lover’s dream as the weather makes it easy to pull off dreamy boho looks in the sunshine. I always go to Glastonbury and as much as I love it fashion can become less of a priority when the rain comes down and you cover your perfect outfit with a plastic poncho (mine does have a pug on it I might add so you can have a bit of fun with practical fashion!!).

Anyway I sourced some brown suede cord (in the brand new Festival Box!) and thought it would be easy to make a headband to take with me for if the sun does decide to shine! There’s a couple of fiddly bits to the pattern just with the jump rings but the whole thing is quite easy so you could whip some up for your friends as well!

You will need:

  • 3 x 1.5m pieces of brown suede cord
  • 6 feathers
  • 6 gold beads
  • 12 end crimps
  • 6 jump rings
  • Pliers


Step 1: Cut your cord into 3 lengths, approx 1.5m long each (I did mine at 2m just to be safe but did end up cutting off quite a big chunk!)


Step 2: Starting about 20cm of the way in tie a little bit of brown thread around the cord. Put something heavy on the end of the cords and then start plaiting it towards you (I originally put the beads on the cord before plaiting but this is where you tie it together under your head so you don’t want it too bulky!)

Step 3: As you plait keep holding it up to your head (where a hairband would go) so you can plait it to fit. Once you have plaited enough to go around your head and meet the other un-plaited end tie another bit of brown thread around the plait to keep it together (this may seem flimsy but to wear it you will be tying both sides together so it keeps the plait in!)


Step 4: Attach a crimp end to a feather and close using the pliers.

Step 5: Thread a jump ring through the crimp end.

Step 6: Attach a bead followed by a crimp end to the suede and close with the pliers.


Step 7: Put the jump ring (attached to the feather) through the crimp end on the suede. Repeat for all 6 strands of suede. Also you can mix and match with the beads – I did some plain, a couple with one bead and a couple with 2 so you can really make this your own!

Step 8: Tie together (I knotted each 2 pieces of suede together so this made 3 small separate knots) and it’s ready to wear!

Team with a black body, denim shorts and a kimono wrap for a perfect festival look.

Happy Crafting 🙂


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