Easy Patchwork Quilt

As the colder nights draw in and it gets dark earlier, what could be better than making a cosy patchwork quilt to snuggle up in?!

This simple pattern is based on squares so it’s easy to adjust the size – this one in particular was for a friend’s newborn so is perfect for a child or as a lap quilt.

It’s also a great way to use up odds and ends from your fabric stash – either keep it simple with colours and patterns or go crazy and make each square a different pattern!

You will need:

  • Squares of fabric
  • Large piece of fabric for batting
  • Batting
  • Fabric for binding (or you can buy bias tape and use as binding)
    • To make your binding you’ll need strips of fabric 4 inches wide – if you haven’t got a piece long enough simply add pieces together by placing right sides together, sewing a diagonal to join and then pressing
  • Sewing machine / needle & thread
  • Pins

Step 1:

Start by cutting out your fabric squares – I did mine 8 x 8 inches (including a half inch seam allowance) and made it 6 squares long by 5 wide (so 30 squares in total!)

img_2001Step 2:

Lay out all your squares until you’re happy with how it all looks. I usually take a photo of the pieces laid out and also put masking tape with the row number on the first square in each row.


Step 3:

Start sewing the squares together in a row and repeat for each row.

Once you’ve sewn all the squares together you can now start sewing each row together.


Step 4:

Cut a piece of backing fabric out slightly bigger than your sewn together squares. Place the backing fabric right side down, followed by a piece of batting the same size and then place the sewn squares on top (right side up).

Place a pin through the 3 layers on each square. It’s really easy to bunch up the backing fabric so do make sure that hasn’t happened before you start sewing the layers together!!


Step 5:

On your sewing machine (or you can do this buy hand if you wish) sew through all the layers along the seams to quilt the pieces together.


Step 8:

Once you’ve sewn your quilt together trim the batting and fabric edges so they are all even. Place your binding so that right sides face each other and start sewing it on with your machine.


Step 9:

When you get to a corner fold the strip back over itself away from the quilt then back again (this creates a nice neat corner).


Step 10:

Once you have sewn the binding all onto the front of the quilt fold it onto the back and then hand stitch it down.

Time to snuggle under your new quilt and get cosy!


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