DIY Advent Calendar

Only having a chocolate advent calendar is a thing of the past now with the amazing array of beauty, candle and even gin advent calendars available!

But for a lovely idea why not make your own and fill the envelopes with things to do throughout December.

I had a mixture of little bags, envelopes and then also made my own envelopes (I simply used existing envelopes in different sizes to trace round and glue back together) – Mollie Makes has different designs of paper in every issue so I used these to make mine.

Then simply pop the idea on a nice bit of paper and peg to the sequin trim. I cut the trim into 4 lengths to make the rows and then stuck it to the wall with gold polka dot washi tape at either end – Happy Christmas!!


Ideas of things to do:

  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Watch a Christmas film in bed
  • Have a Starbucks red cup
  • Have an indoor festive picnic
  • Make Christmas cocktails
  • Scrabble night
  • Ice skating
  • Decorate the tree

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