Reversible Placemats

I wanted to make something to brighten up the dull days we get at this time of year – so what better nod to summer than neon pink flamingos?! I made these placemats reversible so I can mix and match the table setting – some matching napkins would work well too! I used a pom pom to hold my cutlery together or some pretty ribbon or lace would also look cute tied round in a bow.

You will need:

  • 2 types of fabric (I made 4 placemats)
  • Sewing machine / neede & thread


Step 1 and 2: Cut out 4 pieces of each fabric measuring 12 inch x 9 inch (feel free to play around with the measurements РI simply used some I had as a guide for the size that looked right on my table). Remember you will lose about 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Step 3: Pin fabric right sides together.

Step 4: Stitch around the placemat leaving a couple of inches as a gap.img_3948

Step 5: Leave a couple of inches as a gap as you will use this to turn the placemat right side out.

Step 6: Cut the corners.

Step 7: Turn right side out.

Step 8: Press and then use a ladder stitch to sew up the gap.


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