On Sale Now!

We’re really excited to announce that our very first box is now on sale!!!

We’ve chosen a floral theme to celebrate Spring and the changing seasons. Each item in the box has been handpicked and we will also be putting up some projects on the site so you can get some ideas of what to make with your new stash!

Boxes will ship in the first week of May (we’re starting off with just UK shipping at the moment) and to make it really simple we’ve included p&p in the box price of £15.


Simple Pet Bandana

simple pet bandana tutorial

I went to Crufts this year and was amazed at all the beautiful handmade items you could buy there – I bought my pug Percy a rather dashing tartan collar, lead and bow-tie set! It inspired me to whip up a little bandana with Easter themed fabric to wear when we go round my Dad’s for Sunday lunch tomorrow.

Bandana Tutorial

simple pet bandana tutorial

Step 1: Cut out 2 pieces of fabric. Play around with the sizes depending on what type of dog you have – Percy is still a puppy so the whole bandana is about 4 inches wide and 7 inches long (before folding over – this will make sense when you read through the rest of the tutorial).

Step 2: Place fabric pieces on top of each other, right sides facing.

Step 3: Sew around the bandana leaving a 1 inch gap.

Step 4: This one inch gap is what you will pull the bandana through to turn it right side out.

simple pet bandana tutorial

Step 5: Once you’ve turned the bandana right side out, fold the fabric into the bandana to and press. Sew the gap closed.

Step 6: Fold the top of the bandana over about 1-2 inches (depending on the width of your pet’s collar).

Step 7: Stitch the fold down across the bandana.

simple pet bandana tutorial

See – so simple and so cute!! Here is Percy ready for Easter 🙂

Happy crafting 🙂

20 Minute Eye Mask

20 minute eyemask

Create a beautiful eye mask in as little as 20 minutes! Perfect for cosy nights in and sleepovers with the girls!

I found some lovely slightly elasticated lace which worked brilliantly and was prettier than using plain elastic.

Eye Mask Tutorial

20 minute eyemask tutorial

Step 1: First cut all your pieces out – I traced round an old eyemask and then cut out 2 pieces in my fabric and one in some cotton batting / wadding (if you don’t have one then you can print out this 20 Minute Eyemask Template on A4). Then cut a 32cm piece of elasticated lace.

Step 2: Lay one piece of patterned fabric face up. Pin the lace halfway up on each side (I tried to gather the excess lace within the pin so I didn’t accidentally sew it!)

Step 3: Lay the second piece of patterned fabric face down on top of the first piece you pinned the lace to.

Step 4: On top of this whole pile lay the piece of batting and pin.

20 minute eyemask tutorial

Step 5: Flip the mask over so the batting is on the bottom and start sewing about an inch to the right of the middle (this is so you can leave a gap at the top as you will need to turn it right side out).

Step 6: Sew all the way around and then stop just before the middle so that you leave about a 1 inch gap at the top.

Step 7: Turn right side out.

Step 8: Give it a good iron and fold down the fabric into the gap (same width as the seam) so it’s easier to sew. Hand-stitch the gap closed.

20 minute eye mask

And there you have it – a really easy eye mask, and done in so little time you can make them for all your friends!

Happy crafting 🙂

Quick Zipper Pouch

Quick Zipper Pouch Tutorial

I love making things to store my craft stash in. This quick pouch takes less than an hour to make and you can make it to any size depending on the zipper. Mini ones would be cute for buttons and little bits. They’re also great just to put your work in when you travel – I always have one packed and ready to go with a crochet needle, scissors and ball of wool if I fancy making a granny square while I’m on the train or in the back of the car!


Quick Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Step 1: Choose and iron your fabrics – you want 2 contrasting ones for an outer and a liner. Measure the length of your zipper and add an inch. I used an 11 inch zipper so cut my fabric into 12 inch x 9 inch rectangles.

Step 2: Get your pieces ready – you should have 2 pieces of fabric in each design and one zipper.

Step 3: Place the zipper at the top of the lining piece (right side up). Place the outer piece on top of the lining and zipper with the right side facing the zipper.

Step 4: You should have the 2 pieces of fabric aligned so that the right sides face the zipper (I’ve pulled a bit of the fabric back in this picture so you can see how the fabric lines up).

Quick Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Step 5: Pin the fabric together.

Step 6: Sew along the top of the zipper as close as you can to the zip part. When you get near the end try and nudge the zip open a bit as it can be bulky to sew past the zipper fastener.

Step 7: You can see the pouch beginning to take shape. Line up the outer piece of fabric on the other side of the zip – again with the right side facing into the zip.

Step 8: Pin the liner piece to the zip and outer piece of fabric – with its right side facing the zipper.

Quick Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Step 9: Lay the pouch out and open the zipper halfway. Fold the fabric back so the outer pieces are on top of each other (right sides facing) and the liner pieces are on top of each other (right sides facing).

Step 10: Stitch along the edges leaving a small gap on one side. I started at the zipper so I could make sure I was sewing at the edge of the zipper (usually there is a metal bit near the end so you can sew up to that to keep it neat).

Step 11: Turn the pouch the right way out.

Step 12: Trim the edges and cut the corners into diagonals. This will make the pouch lay neat and flat. Then stitch the small gap closed.

Quick Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Give the pouch a good iron and it’s ready to fill with supplies!!

Happy crafting 🙂

Love is in the Air


I’ve just ordered a heart shaped pom pom maker! For me, Valentine’s is an excuse to make pretty heart shaped things in shades of pink and red and indulge in chocolates and champagne…I’m also secretly hoping to be bought some goodies from the anthropologie shop in Bath – this red lip tint is worth buying for the packaging alone.

On Valentine’s Day I’ll be hanging up a heart pom pom garland, while baking some cookies – my brother bought me this amazing set for Christmas which allows you to write personalised messages on the cookies! I just make a simple sugar cookie recipe which is so easy – and I didn’t actually bother icing them but instead put a few sprinkes in with the cookie batter.

Personalised Biscuit Stamp

And for more Valentine’s craft inspiration check out our Pinterest board 🙂

We’d love to see your makes and bakes so feel free to share and spread the love xx

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes the opportunity to review the past year – highs and lows – and think about how to make the next year your best one ever!

This year I would certainly like to make more time for crafting – I’ve been setting up my own little haven in my flat and my perfect Sunday includes lots of tea, a craft magazine and completing a project in my craft room. I plan to assign myself ‘Crafty Days’ at least once a month so I can feel inspired and let my creativity out 🙂

Last year I learnt how to crochet – with the basics I’ve managed to make a bunch of granny squares and tried my hand at crochet snowflakes for Christmas. This year I want to get better at crochet and learn amigurumi so I can make a little pug!

Amigurumi Pug Pattern