Crochet Avocado

The millennial’s favourite brunch item shows no sign of waning – so what better way to celebrate our love for the avocado than with this fun crochet project! 🥑

Double up the size to make a pot holder for your kitchen or follow the tutorial below to make a series of smaller ones – perfect for coasters or make a few and string up into bunting – avo-crochet goals! 💁🏼‍♀️

You will need:

  • 4mm crochet hook
  • Brown wool (we like this one from Hobbycraft)
  • Green wool (we like this one from Hobbycraft)
  • Scissors
  • Plastic needle (to sew in the loose ends)

Step 1- 4: Start by making a magic ring – make a circle with the loose end at the back then pushing your crochet hook through grab the yarn and pull back through. Chain 1 to get your magic loop ready for Step 2…

Step 5: 6 double crochets into the middle of the ring

Step 6: Slip stitch into the first dc then pull the loose end of yarn to close the magic loop

Step 7: Ch 1 and then increase by crocheting 2 double crochets into each of the previous double crochets (12 stitches in total)

Step 8: Ch 1, *1 dc, inc** – repeat from * to ** 7 times (21 stitches in total)

Step 9: Join the green yarn (pull through the 2 loops in a dc brown stitch) and then ch 1

Step 10: 21 dc around

Step 11: ss to the first dc to close the loop

Step 12: 21 more dc around the circle

Step 12: for the next round increase in each dc (42 stitches in total)

Step 13: ch 1 (does not count as a stitch), increase into base of 1st chain, *1dc, 1 inc** repeat from * to ** 6 times (20 stitches). Fasten off yarn by ss into base of 1st chain and pulling yarn through.

Step 14: Take a new piece of green yarn and insert into any dc. Ch 1 and then 12 dc across

Step 15: Turn over and ch 1 then dec, 8 dc and dec. Keep working like this turning the piece over and working a dec then filling in the middle and ending the row with another dec as follows: dec, 6 dc, dec / dec, 4 dc, dec / dec, dec.

Step 16: Finish off the piece by double crocheting the whole way round (60 stitches) and then using your plastic needle to tuck in any loose ends.

To make into bunting simply start a chain with the green yarn and then attach the avocado with dc, chain again until you want to add the next avocado etc….

You could also replicate the whole pattern just in green to make a back – then stuff and join both pieces (wrong sides facing each other) with a double crochet.

Share your makes @diyboxuk!!

Happy crafting 🙂