Felt Octopus

We love felt for its versatility and because you can create unique little creatures from it! For this kawaii-inspired octopus we sketched it out and made a template on tracing paper. You could make up anything – how about a seahorse or a collection of little starfish.

Our latest nautical themed box contains orange felt and stuffing for you to make your own with!


You will need:

  • orange felt
  • toy stuffing
  • black beads for eyes
  • orange embroidery thread (we use 2 strands at a time)
  • pink embroidery thread (for the mouth)
  • black thread (to sew the beads on)
  • needle
  • scissors
  • tracing paper
  • felt octopus template


Step 1: cut out your felt octopus templateΒ and pin to the felt

Step 2: cut your first shape our of the felt. Pin the cut out piece onto the rest of the felt and cut around it so you now have 2 identical pieces.

Step 3: sew the black beads onto one of the pieces of felt.

Step 4: using the pink embroidery thread back stitch a little mouth onto your octopus.


Step 5: sew the 2 pieces of felt together leaving a small 1.5cm gap open as this is where you will stuff it from.

Step 6: stuff your octopus using a pencil or crochet hook to push the stuffing into the legs.


Nautical Candle Holder

Summer is here!! With the current heatwave taking over England we’re inspired to create pretty things for the garden. This tealight holder is so simple and can be created using things you may already have in your home. You could also add other things to it such as shells or even a few succulents.

You will need:

  • glue gun
  • 2m twine
  • sand
  • glass jar (we used an empty white company candle jar)
  • tealight
  • starfish

Step 1: Start by adding the hot glue to the glass. Then take the end of the twine and start placing it down onto the sticky glassΒ (the glue will cool fairly quickly so wait until it’s gone to that tacky stage and then you can press it down without burning your fingers!). If I had any gaps I just kept gluing and wrapping the twine until the base was covered (about 1 inch high).

Step 2: Once the glue has dried and your twine is all stuck down fill your holder about 2 inches deep with sand. Then place your tealights and any other decorations into the holder.

This isΒ so simple but really effective. These would also look beautiful as table centerpieces for a nautical themed wedding!

Happy crafting πŸ™‚