Pretty Wedding Garter

One of my best friends is getting married so for her something blue I stitched her a pretty garter to wear on the day!

We are lucky enough to have a VV Rouleaux shop in Bath where I picked up this gorgeous blue ribbon.

As I didn’t want to lose too much of the blue I opted for a 5mm pink ribbon but it was quite tricky to get the elastic through, I eventually managed using one of my plastic needles I use for crochet! With a thicker ribbon this is actually much easier and you can just work it through by attaching a safety pin to the end of the elastic.

This would also make a super fun activity for the hen do as you could hand stitch the garter, or all have a go on the sewing machine if you’re feeling crafty!

You will need:

  • Lace or a frilly ribbon. I used this Blue Organdy Frill from VV Rouleaux. Measure where you want to wear it on your leg and add 7 inches.
  • Satin ribbon – choose depending on the thickness of your lace and it depends how big you want your garter! Again,┬ámeasure where you want to wear it on your leg and add 7 inches.
  • Elastic (thickness depends on the ribbon you choose) – you will need a piece 3 inches less than the leg measurement.

Step 1: Measure out your ribbons and elastics. I was making one to fit 19 inches so I cut the blue frill and pink ribbon to 26 inches (adding 7 inches) and the elastic to 16 inches (minus 3 inches). This is so the frill and ribbon will ruffle nicely around the elastic.

Step 2: Place the ribbon on top of the frill / lace and stitch all the way along the top of the ribbon and lace then stitch along the bottom of the ribbon.

Step 3: Work your piece of elastic through the stitched ribbon. As I opted for a thinner ribbon it was a little tight but i eventually worked it through using a plastic crochet needle! With a thicker elastic just attach a small safety pin to the end and it’s easier to work through.

Make sure you pin the end of the elastic when you have finished working it through so you don’t lose it!

Step 4: Place the right sides of the ribbon together and stitch the ends together.

Step 5: Turn right side out, snip off all the thread ends and even out the ruffles!

Step 6: Your beautiful garter is ready for that special day!!